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You couldn't ask for a better driving instructor - Ken is the man to go to, whether you are just starting, or have already had a number of lessons. He is very relaxed, knowledgeable and patient. My lessons always covered a lot of key skills, built up my confidence and were good fun. After I felt I was ready to do my exam, Ken sorted it all out for me and I passed first time! I would definitely recommend Ken to anyone learning to drive.

Dave Underhay

I think Ken Neal is a brilliant Driving Instructor. He taught me to drive in 3 months and got me through my test first time. I would recommend him to anybody, especially if they're at all nervous about wanting to learn to drive. He is a very relaxed Instructor who really made the lessons fun.

Suzy Chalmers, Hampton.

Ken's a great driving instructor with his thoughtful and calm approach. Having been with two other instructors beforehand, I felt Ken's lessons were not only a great learning experience, but great fun too. He'll make you feel at ease in the driving seat which will in turn help you get the most out of learning in the lessons. I was so impressed with his teaching and how well I did in the test, I took my Pass Plus with him a couple months after. I can't recommend him enough.

Aldrin Rivera

Ken Neal's driving school is one of the best driving schools out there, FACT! Ken taught me and in about 8 lessons I passed my test after being out for 13 months which shows a lot. Definitely don't regret him being an instructor. Thanks Ken.

Joe Danladi

Ken's motivation and enthusiasm lead me to pass my driving test first time. I've recommended him to several friends, who also passed first time with him. His calm nature meant that learning to drive was enjoyable. It was always nice to see a friendly face each week, and I plan to pursue pass plus with Ken in the future.


After my brothers bad experiences with bad driving instructors, I didn't want to make the same mistake, we didn't, and Ken helped me pass my test both efficiently and so that after I passed I would keep being a good driver. For him it is not just about making you passing the test, it is about making you a good driver.

Michael Fernando

Every lesson with Ken was enjoyable, friendly and relaxed. I particularly liked how he encouraged me to smile at my mistakes and not get frustrated if I did something wrong. I was such a nervous driver but the day of my test I just imagined Ken sitting next to me saying "just chill if u make a mistake just carry on as normal". Following his advice I passed with flying colours. Without Ken as a driving instructor I don't think I would have passed. He's encouraging, calm and patient. Not only did he put up with me through things i found difficult such as reverse left which he taught me in different ways until i grasped it, but he really helped boost my confidence and state of mind which resulted in a joyful pass. I was terrible at independent driving but just to help me Ken spent a lesson dedicated to me trying to get to places by following directions myself. Ken doesn't just teach you how to drive he makes learning how to drive fun with his amazing sense of humour. He makes you feel relaxed. I would definitely recommend him. An awesome driving instructor like Ken is rare to find.

Sanya Iqbal

I had driving lessons with Ken and he helped me pass my test. I couldn't have done it without him; he is amazing. I have had many driving instructors in my time and after many bad experiences I was ready to give up, but luckily I found out about Hamilton School of Motoring and I was put in touch with Ken and since the first driving lesson with him my confidence in driving went up and up until I felt ready to pass the test which was only a few months later. I give him 10 out of 10 for he is excellent in every way. He is patient, easy going, has a great sense of humour and explains himself in a concise and clear way, making things easy to remember. I highly recommend him - he is the best of the best. Thank you Ken!!

Ms Carla Cunningham, Twickenham, 9 November 2011

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